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Adry Vincenzi Story


Natural Baroque Pearl out Adry Vincenzi StudioAdry Vincenzi was born in Lima, Peru to an Italian father and a Peruvian mother. Adry moved to the Dominican Republic in her early years with her family.  Move to NYC to studied fashion and finish her studies in London, following fun and happy years working Saint Laurent and transitioned to jewellery when her children were born. She has been creating jewellery for many years and enjoy combining the old with the new in a striking and organic way.

Today she creating unique and exotic handmade jewellery at her home studio between the sea and the lush mountains of Stanley, Hong Kong. One of the oldest villages of Hong Kong Island overlooking the South China Sea. Adry's creations are all about feeling beautiful and enhancing the powerful energies of her stones thru her jewellery.  All of AV Jewellery is handmade by her using traditional techniques from start to finish. Her work is a fusion of ethnic and contemporary design. Each Collection is influenced by all her travels and on ancient ethnic cultures. Mainly India, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. 


She uses a wide range of materials such as 1,000-year-old ancient Roman glass, precious and semi-precious gemstones together with 18k/14k Solid Gold, 24k gold vermeil and sterling silver. The pure metals blend beautifully with the stones, enhancing its beauty and uniqueness to shine through. The collections in the shop include a variety of one of a kind jewellery – gemstones and pearls earrings, ancient Roman glass jewellery, gold and silver, colourful gemstone necklaces, tiny stacking beaded bracelets and many more.

        Keep your inner sparkle bright,

             Adry Vincenzi