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Ancient Roman Glass and Champagne Pearl Earrings

$1,200.00 HKD

One of a kind handmade Ancient Venetian Beige and Red  Glass beads and Champagne fireball iridescent pearls earrings. The earrings have been hand-set in vermeil finishing. As it one of a kind you will get the one on the photo.

The earrings measure: 2.4 inches long                                                     Champagne/pink iridescent fireball pearls: 10 mm
Ancient Venetian Beige and Red Glass Beads: 4 to 6 mm Beads from Mali 1800s
Studs Vermeil:  hypoallergenic and nickel free 

History of the Venitian Glass beads:

Fantastic to own, your very own piece of history, this unique necklace made from ancient glass pieces found in the region along the historic silk road. These very special ancient excavated beads are found in Mali. 

These beads come out of Mali, but were may have originally been produced in Venice, Rome  in the 1800's or earlier. 

They are not perfectly round, but have rounded edges. These beads are in good condition the glass pieces have  the variation in colour of the ancient glass. No two beads are alike. Truly something special to have in any jewellery collection.