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Ancient Teal And White Glass Necklace

$1,500.00 HKD
One of a kind handmade Gorgeous Ancient Glass Necklace, the Nila Beads in teal and white colour, the estimated age by bead experts to be from 1200-1600 A.D. The glass beads have been hand-knotted with a gold silk thread, 24k vermeil beads and finishing. Its understated elegance makes it ideal worn on its own or stacked with order chain or necklaces. As it one of a kind you will get the one on the photo.

The Necklace measure: 28 inches long
Ancient Teal And White Nila Beads: 4 to 10 mm
24k Gold Vermeil barrel bead: 5x7 mm
24k Gold Vermeil Clap: 7x6 mm

History of the Roman Glass beads:

Fantastic to own, your very own piece of history, this unique necklace made from ancient glass pieces found in the region along the historic silk road. These very special ancient excavated beads are found in Mauritania and Mali, specifically in the caravan towns of Timbuktu, Mopti, Djenne and Gao. They Beads vary in colour, and iridescence, and are thought to be somewhere in between 600-1000 years old, or more.

Commonly referred to as Roman Glass, the material for these beads is derived from ancient cups, vases, and perfume containers that have sustained the travails of time. The glass pieces have been carefully cut, drilled, and strung together but you can see still the variation in colour of the ancient glass. No two beads are alike. Truly something special to have in any jewellery collection.