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Black Peacock Pearls Long Necklace

$1,200.00 HKD

The necklace is carefully hand knotted with silk thread with small black peacock baroque pearls 4mm with vermeil beads, clasp and pendant. The pendant is Avalon hand carved leaf. It can be used different way; long casual style or more elegant doubled and it will measure 17 inches long. It understated elegance makes it ideal worn on its own or stacked with necklaces.

  • The necklace measure: 36 inches long
  • Black Peacock Pearls: 4mm
  • Gold Vermeil bead: 2mm
  • Gold Vermeil clasp: 16x6mm
  • Pendant: 1.5 inches of hand carved Avalon leaf 
  • Metals: are sterling silver plated in gold ( nickel free and hypoallergenic )