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Black Baroque Pearls Earrings

$1,200.00 HKD

Stunning, Extra Large Black Peacock Natural Baroque Freshwater Pearls. Its colour is natural and not dyed, they are called Black Edison Pearls and have an amazing iridescent lustre and unique shape not seen often. The Pearls were set by hand and all the pieces are Gold Vermeil (Gold plated in Sterling Silver). Each pair will vary slightly in natural shape colour and some with have natural flaws that make them more interesting. Not your mother's pearls...

  • Earrings are: 2.3 " or 6.5 cm long
  • AA+ extra large Black Peacock baroque pearls: 1.3" or 4cm (includes peg)
  • Earring setting: Gold vermeil
  • You will get the earrings similar to the pictures. You can ask to choose your pearls just send me a message. 

You might notice very small inclusions in some of the natural pearls, which occurs naturally in genuine untreated pearls and is not to be considered flaws.